Presentation of the Test

As part of its partnership with BRITISH COUNCIL, Esprit Language Center is providing its candidates with a new APTIS level online assessment system.

This test assesses the following competencies according to the CEFR scale:

  • Listening around 50 minutes
  • The lexicon and the structure of the language (grammar & vocabulary) about 30 minutes.

ATTENTION: The 2 skills are inseparable. The duration of the tests is given as an indication.

For more information about the content and conditions of the examination, we invite you to consult the links below as well as the guide of the candidate which you will find attached:




The tests will take place online at Esprit Language Center at 18 Rue de l'Usine Charguia II- 2035-Ariana PCs and headsets are provided by ELC

Results and certificates

The results are communicated at the latest 1 week from the date of award.

For the proper conduct of the tests, the capacity per session is limited to 10 candidates.

At the end of the test, a certificate of level is issued by BRITISH COUNCIL. The certificate is an international reference to institutions and companies for the assessment of English language skills.

The validity of the test is 2 years

Registration details

Candidates of Esprit Language Center will benefit from a preferential rate which amounts to 60dt TTC.

An ID will be required to establish a voucher.

Contact information

Interested persons are asked to approach Ms. Haidy KHEMIRI or Ms. Sonia CHAGRA.

Registrations will be held every day except Saturday from 8:30 to 15:00. (See Calendar)

Tel: Tel: 71 94 15 41