Certifying Training

As part of a partnership with the Tunisia Foundation for Development and TACT Association

Tunisian Association for Communication and Technology, the ESPRIT Group has since undertaken

February 2018, training engineering actions consisting of:

  • A training program for the requalification of ISET graduates in ICT, who are in search for a first job in order to equip them with scientific, technical and communication skills necessary for their professional integration;
  • A skills-business orientation of this program in line with the demand of TACT companies, with an initial focus on the trades related to development, business intelligence and IT embedded;
  • Accreditation of this program by the Conference of Grandes Ecoles CGE via a certificate Qualifications and Competencies CQC dubbed "Digital Services: ICT & TACT" which will be issued by ESPRIT to learners upon completion of the training.

These actions are also part of the program of the Foundation Tunisia pour le Development, consisting of the construction of 10 ELIFE centers near the ISET, in the regions the most disadvantaged, for the requalification, professionalization and integration of graduates of ISET, on the one hand, and for enhancing the capacity of teachers in terms of continuing the initial training on the other hand.