Based on high-level research, the teachings are characterized by richness, quality and pedagogical innovation.

The specialties perfectly meet the growing diversification of the information society professions.

Special emphasis is placed on human qualities, management skills, the ability to work in a multicultural context, and empowerment in the face of the power of technologies that Esprit graduates will be experts at.

IT specialty

Telecommunications Specialty


The internship is an essential component of the learning process for prospective engineers.

During their university studies, students are expected to complete at least one "worker" internship in the first cycle, a "technician" internship in the 2nd cycle and a PFE internship in the 5th year.

  • A "worker" internship of a minimum duration of two weeks during the holidays, validated following the deposit of the journal of internship bearing the stamp and the signature of the company with the service of internships.

This internship "worker" must be carried out from the 1st year and before the main session of the 3rd year. This internship validates 2 ECTS in the curriculum of the 3rd year.

  • A "technician" internship lasting at least one month during the summer holidays, validated by a committee made up of ESPRIT teachers following an interview. An internship journal bearing the stamp and signature of the company must be filed with the internship department at the beginning of the academic year before September 30th.