Responsible Learning

Esprit at the time of its creation was given as main mission to train engineers "differently". For this reason the school has adopted a new pedagogy that puts the student at the center of learning. The adoption of PBL (Project/Problem based learning) has reinforced this desire. An educational innovation center allows the training of teachers on these new pedagogical practices that gradually extend to the entire curriculum. Students' evaluation of teachings also helps to put students at the heart of the learning process. The student is an active actor in his training process.

Additional activities

But training differently also involves activities that go beyond class and train the student to what he will be as an engineer. This is done within the framework of the Research, Development and Innovation activities to which students can be associated by the joint participation with teachers in international competitions, challenges, by the obligation of doing several internships, by the accession of a significant international experience, through any form of associative experience.


Currently two courses of engineering are offered; a course in the course of the day and a course in the evening (continuing education) Close to the structure of the LMD, the engineering degree is acquired in 5 years: a common core of 3 years which allows you to acquire the basics and 2 years to deepen your knowledge and specialize. It is possible to enter the training directly in 2nd, 3rd year, each level opens a type of curriculum.

Curriculum A

  • Integrated and progressive course of 5 years post-bac
  • 10 semesters, 300 ECTS
  • Admission in 3rd year for the holders of a license in the specialty
  • Structuring in (3 + 2) with options
  • 3 internships including 1 end of studies project (semester 10)

Curriculum B

  • 3-year integrated curriculum post-license or post-prep
  • 6 semesters, 180 ECTS
  • Structuring in (1 + 2) with options
  • 2 or 3 internships including 1 end of studies project (semester 10)

Curriculum C

  • 4-year integrated curriculum post-license
  • In the evening
  • 180 ECTS
  • Graduation project throughout the final year