Conscious of the importance of having a permanent teaching staff to provide quality education and the importance of research in the evolution of the scientific and technological level of teachers, Esprit has, since its creation in 2003, at the heart of its objectives. A Research-Development-Innovation (RDI) department named Esprit-Tech has been created since 2010. Esprit-Tech places great importance on applied and innovative research that can have a socio-economic impact without neglecting fundamental and publishing research. . Thus research at Esprit-Tech admits several components: technological watch, mastery of technology, applied and innovative research, transfer valorization and dissemination of knowledge and know-how.

Missions of Esprit-Tech

Esprit-Tech's missions are:

  • Provide a framework for faculty to conduct RDI activities,
  • Train future trainers through research and innovation,
  • Anticipate the needs of companies,
  • To offer companies a new generation of engineers capable of leading and managing projects in RDI,
  • Encourage the creation and incubation of Startups,
  • Promote partnerships with companies and research laboratories,
  • Encourage technology transfer to businesses.

Research Themes

The different themes are:

  • Mobile development,
  • Wireless communications,
  • Networks and Internet of the future,
  • Ambient and embedded computing,
  • Computer science of objects and sensor networks,
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing,
  • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing,
  • Risk calculation via stochastic controls,
  • Robotics,
  • Data analysis in social networks,
  • Intelligent management of industrial systems,
  • Information systems and decision systems,
  • Images and vision,
  • Educational innovation.