Campus life

ESPRIT has a campus at the height of its ambitions, located in the vicinity of Tunis and located in the governorate of Ariana.

ESPRIT has three training sites: the first one with which it started, in the industrial area of Charguia 2, and the main site located at the border zone of the Communications Technopole, in the technological industrial zone in Chotrana, and a third site which is added to the other two at Charguia 2.


The first site houses the activities of continuing education, evening classes, the MBA and ESPRIT Center Language.

ESPRIT EM/GC (Charguia 2)

The second site, newly developed, houses the training activities of Electromechanical and Civil Engineering specialties.


The third site brings together, in a first block, the initial engineer training activities, day courses, for IT and Telecommunications specialties and in a second ESPRIT Prépa block with the Hosting Center.


The modern and adapted infrastructures, made available to the students offer the best conditions for their blooming as well in the studies as in all the activities which stimulate the capacities sports, artistic, associative ... etc. future engineers, activities that are developed within school clubs. Several clubs were created at the initiative of the students with the actual encouragement of the school.

In addition to the 23,000 m² covered, housing the administrative and training, ESPRIT has a hostel for its students and 2 restaurants. Moreover ESPRIT has spaces and sports facilities of quality, various and varied, put at the disposal of its students and its clubs: a polyvalent sport ground, a gym, an indoor swimming pool, with all the accessories required.

Similarly, ESPRIT has a library, with the scientific and technical books used in the training provided, but also all kinds of subjects: literary, technical, economic, financial ... etc.

A high-speed fiber optic connection connects the sites to the external networks and a Wi-Fi network covers each site, giving the possibility to all the students, wherever they are, and at any time, to connect in the most comfortable conditions.

Technology platforms also allow them to work in environments adapted to their needs. More than 100 teaching resources are accessible and made available to them: these are valuable assets for engineering students, who really allow them to be able to carry out activities parallel to their studies which interest them and which complement and consolidate their training. Engineer.