International experience

Part of your studies abroad means opening up to new cultures, being curious and daring, knowing how to overcome a form of the unknown. In a globalized world in which the future engineer will evolve, it is an irreplaceable experience.

ESPRIT has forged partnerships with foreign higher education institutions that allow students in school to pursue specific options within the partner institution (double degree or double degree).

This opportunity is exclusively open to the best students of Esprit who combine excellent academic background, good communication skills in English and French and a strong sense of responsibility: indeed the durability of these agreements also depends largely on the seriousness of the attendance and the success of ESPRIT students.

For the year 2016/2017, 71 students are studying abroad, in France or in the United States. Among them 11 benefit from a scholarship. This number of constant growth from one year to the next represents about 10% of a promotion.


The international aspect can intervene in the course even of the students of Esprit thanks to the mobility and the international experience:

  • For a semester of study in one of the partner universities and an internship, which replace the 5th year at Esprit, the student then obtains the Esprit engineering diploma.
  • For 2 complete years: the student obtains jointly two diplomas: the diploma of Esprit and that of the Master of the foreign partner institution.


During the 4th year students are notified by email of the selection procedures. The departure to a partner university can only be done through the procedure of the school. Financial aid can be obtained that will help the student to complete his project.


M. Salah Bousbia


International mobility


In 2014/2015, 32 students were selected to take advantage of this opportunity, an increase of 100% over the previous year:

Student allocations

University Year 2014-2015

  • 6 students Centrale Lille
  • 6 University of Nice
  • 5 SupGallilée Paris XIII
  • 2 Thomas Jefferson program (United States)
  • 6 University of Maine
  • 3 National School of Mines of Douai
  • 2 TEM (Telecom School of Management)
  • 1 Higher Institute of Electronics of Paris
  • 1 National School of Le Mans

Kalboussi Fadi,Galai Tasnim, Souissi Tasnim, Bchini Nesrine, Abdallah Amira, Arouay Wiem, Bouanani Seifeddine, Gharbi Mohamed Hassen, Lahrizi Habiba, Mzoughi Amine, Ben Romdhane Mohamed Ali,Sboui Mohamed Amine, Kamoun Youssef, Haj Frej Mohamed Amine, Chammem Raed, Dhane Asma, Merai Ameni, Boukthir Manel, Boussarssar Nizar, El Hachaichi Youssef,Elloumi Mohamed Khalil, Daikhi Mehdi, Hassine Khalil, Ktari Najd, Elhif Mohmaed Iheb, Souissi Abir, Jelizi Ons, Belgaroui Fatma, Gueriani Houssem, Berkaoui Ghaya, Sahli Mohamed Amine, Rezgui Yosr