The Qualities of an engineer and a Manager:

Key engineering courses:

  • Creativity and operational skills,
  • Personal and interpersonal skills: team spirit, communication, leadership, creativity, rigor,
  • Meet the needs of the company in different sectors,
  • International recognition through the EUR-ACE accreditation (delivered by the CTI) and by the enrollment in the conference of the Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and the initiative CDIO.


Strong synergies between the different trainings (engineering, management, preparatory classes):

  • A faculty of 250 qualified permanent teachers (1 teacher for every 18 students),
  • Personalized support for students, especially foreign students who benefit from a special service to follow their specific cases,
  • Teaching in small groups of 30 students.
  • The strong digital culture that permeates all trainings.

Student life

A rich student life that fully complements the academic training:

  • More than 40 clubs in different fields (Junior Enterprise, Enactus, Health club, Theater club, Google club...),
  • The opportunity to participate in high level sporting competitions: Esprit students regularly meet in the final of the university championships in various sports,
  • Participation in national or international challenges.

Professional integration

  •  Students who find work within six months of graduation: 85
  •  Students who finds work internationally 35

Preparatory classes for high performance schools

89% of Esprit Prépa students integrate a major French or Tunisian school in 2015:

  • 1 at the Higher Normal Schools Competition
  • 1 at the Polytechnic School (X)
  • 4 at the Mines Pont joint competition, 3 at the Centrale Supelec competition
  • 25 at the joint polytechnic competition, 24 at the INT-Telecom competition
  • 38 in the national competition.