Quality and continuous improvement

Our Policy: Quality and Continuous Improvement

Based on the customer orientation, our quality approach shows the satisfaction of each stakeholder ESPRIT including students Engineers, staff, companies, partners and guardians (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, CTI, etc.), while complying with the norms and values ​​of ethics, authenticity, transparency and efficiency.


Satisfaction of the staff

The school is committed to maintaining an empowering environment and working conditions that stimulate personal satisfaction while promoting organizational well-being, commitment, performance, transparency, shared values, customer focus, cross-communication and collaborative work.

The school is also committed to investing in the training, support and professional development of its staff (teaching, administrative and technical).


Satisfaction of partners

The school is committed to honoring its obligations towards partner institutions and companies in Tunisia and abroad.

The school undertakes to respect the terms of the agreements signed with its partners in the framework of cooperation agreements, joint guardianship, mobility, double diplomas, R&D, etc.


Satisfaction with guardianship

The school undertakes to honor its obligations towards its supervisory bodies, to comply with the regulations in force, to provide them on request with the necessary cooperation and to take corrective measures to remedy any deficiencies raised, in order to meet the requirements of accreditation.

Continuous Improvement Cycle

The quality organization is process-oriented and is based on objectives that are linked to measurable activities, resources and indicators. In order to place ESPRIT on the slope of continuous progress, the school has adopted a continuous improvement approach that is based on the PDCA method and the ISO 9001: 2008 standards.